Image of Writing a Landing Page

Writing a Landing Page

Kevin Optimization

The first thing you see when researching a company online is their landing page; it’s the first impression, the snapshot, and if done improperly, the beginning to the end of their interest in you. It is vital to have a landing page that draws the consumer in and makes them …

5 Ways to Level-Up Your LinkedIn Network

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Connections matter, and without enough of them, you don’t. LinkedIn has changed, and so has the way that people interact with it. Before, having a few hundred good connections was incredible, but now, you are not considered a serious player unless you possess that coveted 500+. One question that I …

Reading List 2017 - Prepared Marketing

2017 Reading List

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Last year I wrote a post titled [Reading List] Most of the Books Read in 2016 where I shared with you the list of books I finished in 2016. The list contained roughly 85 books and encompassed 95% of the books I could remember. This past year I decided to …