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Marketing has changed over the past 2-3 decades. Long gone are the days of the Wannamaker couplet (“I know half of my marketing dollars are wasted, I just don’t know which half”). Here are the days of CRM’s for every vertical, big data, and meaningful metrics. As I have grown in marketing, from being awed by tactics to being in love with strategy, my thinking has grown, changed, and transformed. I’ve changed my questions from how do we drive clicks into websites and foot traffic into buildings into questions of channel-based acquisition cost (AC) and profit per hour of operation as a driving force in marketing decisions.

As I’ve progressed as a marketer and small business owner I sensed another change coming and it’s something that I believe will be transformational. It is the shift from click driven marketing to AC strategy that brings a realization that small businesses have no marketing department. Because there is no marketing department means that many promotional decisions are made with hardly a leg to stand on. Picture a three legged stool. We all know that the stool is made up of all the parts from the seat, to the legs, and foot. If a person described only the seat of the stool as the most important and single aspect as the whole you might think they’ve never seen a stool before. Or perhaps someone described a three legged stool as having a seat but only one leg. Again, you would have an issue with someone who hasn’t sat on such a seat before. But if we described it with the top for sitting, three legs for height and structure, supports for strength, and metal material for durability you would see the whole picture. In a similar way, we think a business is similar to the stool when we look at it through more than one element such as the leg (promotion).

The stool is your business. The leg and the foot are not your business, they simply are a part of it and integrated to the other elements of your business. You see, it’s not until we can see the business not as made of parts, but as a single entity, as a single thing, that we can gain value and meaning from the business.

Michael Gerber, the author of The E-Myth, says it this way: “ […] seen from the appropriate perspective, the entire business process by which your company does what it does is a marketing process. “

I no longer believe that a business can win with great marketing alone.

Great marketing is a leg, it has feet, but it is not useful without being a part of the business on the whole.

To this end, I wanted to create a way to serve our customers better. I wanted to do what we set out to do. Change the landscape of small business by eliminating the failure rates we see in the American small business community. However, I no longer believe that a company can win with great marketing alone. There must also be great operations and strong finance for growing companies to truly win. To do this, we created the Business360 Analysis, a joint effort of 3 companies. Each specializing in a single leg but coming together to look at businesses as a collective whole. The aim has been to have specialists look at a business with their unique lens, and these come together within the Business360 Analysis team and have a roundtable discussion that generates real insights into what is happening in business via the creation of a collective perspective.

If All You Have is a Hammer, Doesn’t Everything Look like a Nail?

To be completely transparent, I don’t believe that I could ever do this as an individual because my perspective is too narrow. I see Marketing problems because I am an expert in marketing. I don’t see finance/accounting problems because I don’t truly know GAAP like Eric Johnisse does. I don’t see management and process failings because I don’t truly understand organizational structure like Adi Klevit does. And it seems that rather than flounder in my lack of understanding we must change.

Introducing The Team –

Adi Klevit, Business Success Consulting GroupAdi Klevit – Operations Specialist – Organizational Engineer – Process Perfecter – Implementation Immortal – Owner of Bussiness Success Consulting Group.

Adi has over 20 years of experience in helping businesses grow. With a background in Industrial Engineering, her specialty is process improvement and organizational structure. She has worked with hundreds of companies on implementing management systems, procedures, and protocols. Adi is the founder and CEO of Business Success Consulting Group, a local business consulting group that specializes in helping business owners create and run successful, well-organized and prosperous businesses.

Eric Johnisee, Owner of Drive AccountingEric Johnese – Accounting Activist – Bookkeeping Bridgewasee – Captian of Commerce – Founder & Co-Owner of Drive Accounting

Eric has spent 20 years helping small business owners gain better financial clarity and peace of mind around their businesses. The majority of small business owners are running blind. They don’t have any idea how their business is doing, no indication of how things have been in the past, and no leading indicators or forecasts of how they should go in the future. The owner goes to work each day, works as hard as they can, but they find that they’re not getting ahead. Unfortunately, working hard isn’t enough. Eric has been through this himself, and it’s why he’s so passionate about helping other small business owners avoid the same pitfalls. Through reliable accounting and customized reporting, Eric helps owners get back into the driver’s seats of their business.

Ken Cook, Owner of Prepared MarketingAnd Myself – Ken Cook – Owner of Prepared Marketing ( and Humble Enough not to tout my experience )

Ken is a husband, father of 5, small business owner, author, and speaker. As the dean of business prosperity via analytical marketing, his focus is to demystify marketing so that his clients can win in business. With over a decade of marketing experience, he comes with a data-driven approach that seeks to make sense out of the chaos that typifies small and medium businesses, by focusing on marketing strategy and financial measures of success.

After a year of work, putting together a team, testing our system, we’re ready to serve.

Are You Looking to Re-ignite your Business? Tired of feeling like you don’t know what makes your business grow? Not Sure How to Grow to the next level? Not Sure What Metrics are meaningful for your business?

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