What is Your Customer Life Cycle?

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Broken Customer Lifecycle map - Prepared Marketing

Imagine if you were told that before you go into business you would only get 1 customer out every 10,000 people who visit your website.  What amplifies the issue is that most businesses don’t realize why this occurs or even how to fix it.  Let us show you briefly in this diagram.

Broken Customer Lifecycle

  1. Most websites have unqualified traffic which means customers aren’t ready to buy.
  2. Their sales process is weak reducing the likelihood of buying
  3. Poor follow-up creates a lack of repeat customers

Fixing any number of these issues results in a lift in sales.  At Prepared Marketing, we would approach these problems through,

  1. Testing and Improving Your Call to Action.  Commonly referred to conversion optimization, we look at how customers see your site and then find ways to help them navigate to the next step in the customer lifecycle.
  2. Improve the sales process by figuring out what in the sales funnel is broken.  Answering questions like do you drop leads? Do you have an automated or manual follow-up process?  Answers to these can improve sales and reduce the number of touchpoints to a purchase.
  3. Follow-up is important as a means to creating repeat and referring customers. We would help create a process such as requesting reviews, sales add-ons, or promotional updates that can increase the value of each customer.  

If you are working to grow your business, Prepared Marketing can help you create a customer lifecycle that makes you more profitable, with more consistent sales and predictable marketing results.  If you want an ideal customer lifecycle like the diagram below then we want to talk with you. Call us at 503-213-3100 to see how we might improve your customer lifecycle.

Perfect Customer Lifecycle