Imagine Massive Business Growth Through Email Marketing... Without Even Having Your own List!

Email Marketing lets you reach your ideal audience directly – right on their phones, computers, tablets, or wrists!

Email is a cost efficient, powerful Channel to promote your products, services, and brand by sending ads to targeted email lists. 

Cost Efficient
• Email had a median ROI of 122%
• More than four times higher than other formats examined, including:
     ✓ Social Media
     ✓ Direct Mail
     ✓ Paid Search
     ✓ Online Display Ads



Measurable and Trackable
• In-depth analytics and tracking tools
     ✓ Who has opened your email
     ✓ What specific links have been clicked
     ✓ Track site traffic through Google Analytics

Volumes of Users
• Email tops the list of active accounts and users, with nearly three times the amount of users than Facebook and Twitter combined. That’s an enormous 2.9 billion users!

• Email had a median ROI of 122%
• You can build lists which can be segmented by:
     ✓ Location 
     ✓ Age
     ✓ Gender
     ✓ Marital status
     ✓ Income
     ✓ Interests
     ✓ ….and more 



Still the Most “Businessy” Medium
• When it comes to building business relationships, the best medium is still email
• People check their email multiple times an hour and on multiple devices

Using a proprietary opt-in database, we can provide highly effective email campaigns to businesses without email lists. Our database contains close to 750 available targets and well over 150 million emails with matching postal records.

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Targeted Email lets you reach your ideal audience directly. Right audience, right message at right time.
Email Re-drop and Retargeting: Extends the reach of your email marketing campaigns by resending your messages to those who have already opened or clicked on a previous email

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At Prepared Marketing, we can help you build the perfect revenue-generating Custom Email Campaign targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time.

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