Perfect Headline Writing Method

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Writing the Perfect Headline - Prepared Marketing

When it comes to advertising of any kind, headlines sell. For so many of our clients, and frankly, all but the wordsmiths among us, a great headline often seems quite elusive. Seeing this difficulty as a problem for our clients, we at Prepared Marketing, stole created the (*Fanfare*) “Perfect Headline Writing Method.”

The process goes as follows:

  1. List out 5 Features of your Product/Service.

We are going to do this for our Business360 Analysis so that you can get a feel for it.

  • In-Depth Review
  • Inclusive to the Whole Business
  • Done by Real Experts
  • Clear Objectives
  • Tiered Pricing

2. List out 5 Benefits of your Product/Service.

  • It gives real insight to each “Department.”
  • Improve the Business on whole
  • Actionable Insights being created by those with real-world experience
  • Your Outcomes are definite, not nebulous as with most consulting
  • Affordable for every business

3. List out 5 Meanings of those features and benefits

  • Know what Needs to be done to improve your Business
  • Grow Your Revenues
  • A Clear Path to Improvement
  • You Can Take Action Immediately
  • You Can Change Your Reality

4. List out 5 Objections you hear when selling this product/service

  • Takes To Much Time
  • Is it Affordable
  • I Don’t Understand it
  • Only Need Part of it
  • My Business Isn’t Ready

5. List out 5 Answers to the Objections

  • It Only Requires 3 Hours of Your Time
  • Tiered Pricing makes it affordable
  • We Look at Each of the three main components of your Business and then work as a team to uncover issues. The Sum is more than just the parts of your business.
  • We Can do only a part of it!
  • Businesses either Evolve and Grow or Die.

6. Finally, Write a Headline combining the above information:

In Just 3 Hours You Can Be on a Clear Path to Growing Your Revenues