A Traeger And A Mortgage

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Traeger Grill Smoking - Marketing

One of my favorite activities is smoking meat — Brisket, Pork Butt, Ribs, Chicken Thighs — oh my! It started as a birthday gift from my loving wife last year, and well, I recently purchased my neighbors Traeger, it was in relatively good shape and was a serious upgrade on the smoker I had. A few parts, and a few frustrations later, this thing was essentially new, and I was in LOVE.

My first serious cooking on it was the Fourth of July. I was cooking six racks of ribs (3 baby back, 3 spare) and 20 chicken thighs. Things were going well; I had foil wrapped the ribs and was needing a couple of things from the store. When I got home to check the smoker, my wife was alarmed. She said something wasn’t right… I went outside, and something wasn’t right… the smoker was at 436 degrees on the monitor, I rapidly opened the lid, and to my horror, it was on fire!

After trying to put the fire out several times, I finally got it out. In the aftermath, I discovered that the grease drain was clogged. My inexperience had ruined a meal… This story brings me to marketing; I think that a lot of business owners have the same thing happen to them. I would like to highlight this with a couple of emails that I received.

Same Email from 2 Mortgage Brokers

These are two mortgage brokers that are both good at what they do, are paying for someone to create a relationship with their clients, or prospective clients. Here’s the problem, like my grease drain, it’s not working. This tool that has one job create a credible relationship, make it seem like I care about my clients, engage them, and it is doing the opposite.

I believe that everyone who sees this in their inbox at best says they buy a service at worst decides that these are not the agents for them. I know as a business owner that those are never acceptable outcomes from a marketing spend. 

Clean out the Grease Drain in Your Marketing

How long would it take to write a meaningful update about your life, your business, the market, or your company? An Hour? Two? Would a meaningful email update accomplish your aim more efficiently? According to Statista, in March of this year, more than 56% of all email was Spam. Nearly 6 out of every ten emails are spam. Does your current email marketing campaign fall into that?

Spam is defined as: irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.

I believe that there are a lot of grease drains that need to be cleaned out.  If you’re looking to make your emails more personal, more efficient, less Spammy or need a good BBQ Recipe reach out to us at Prepared Marketing: 503-213-3100. Don’t wait for your company to be on fire to clean out your grease drain.