We Help Businesses Optimize Revenue Opportunities By Leveraging a Strategic Approach to Marketing & Sales

We'd love to help every business succeed. But that's not really practical.



So we specialize in working with...

Sucessful SMBs with an annual revenue between $2m and $25m, 

and looking to grow further.

You're a good candidate for working with Prepared Marketing if...

You've been a business for at least a year.

Your business model relies on generating leads and converting them into customers.

You don't have (or need to improve) your sales and marketing systems.

You want to leverage digital technology and automation.

You're willing to invest in your business' growth.

We work across several industries...

While our marketing systems work in many different industries, we excel at working with businesses providing Consumer and Professional Services.

For example, past and current clients have worked in finacial services, wellness, traditional and online retail, real estate, insurance, traditional healthcare and alternative medicine, home services, automotive services, faith-based service organizations, and more.

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