Why Use a CRM

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Why Spend Money as a Business on CRM?

My money is like little soldiers…I send them out to war, and they come back home with prisoners – Kevin O’Leary.

Why do we as business owners, investors, and managers seek to build relationships with our customers? Is it simply because we like people? Is it because it feels good? Is it because I want to have the best social circle or show Dunbar that via technology I can top 150? I believe not. I believe that I create a relationship to create profit. This profit is spread universally in that as an agency we grow, as a business you grow and the community is enriched by having better products and services provided to them. The reason a company invests in a CRM from my perspective is that they ultimately want to gain additional profits. In fact, it the more than decade I’ve worked in the marketing field, I’ve never had someone tell me that they are spending money to create relationships sans profit.

Here is Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft in an INC interview:

“Q: What are you most proud of with Infusionsoft?

The way that we are helping small businesses be successful by automating their sales and marketing. That is an art that most small businesses don’t understand well enough and frankly it stymies their growth and success. We’ve been able to help them create a process and then automate that process to achieve success.”

CRM is a tool that helps Businesses grow the bottom line. If it failed to do so, it would be useless as a tool. I believe that in business we must first and foremost be dedicated to profit. Any Tool, Person, Cause or Belief that distracts from that must be excised from the business