Writing a Landing Page

Ken CookOptimization

Image of Writing a Landing Page

Web Design - Landing PageThe first thing you see when researching a company online is their landing page; it’s the first impression, the snapshot, and if done improperly, the beginning to the end of their interest in you. It is vital to have a landing page that draws the consumer in and makes them want to see more. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help make your landing page stand out:

  1. What Makes YOU Unique?

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, there is something that makes you different from your competitors. Find that thing, and tell the world. Shout it from the mountain tops, write it in the sky, whisper it to people on the street, and put it in the forefront of your landing page.


  1. Don’t Just Tell Me, SHOW Me

Your landing page should have either a photo or video that grabs the attention of the consumer. The average person has such a low online-attention-span that they might not see all of the beautiful things on your landing page, so make the media count. We all know the adage, “you can’t trust everything you read on the internet,” but photos are great because cameras never lie. Videos are also useful, especially if the goal is to showcase how a product works.


  1. Lists are Easy

One key to a landing page is striking the right balance between getting your information across, and not bombarding the consumer with text. A great way to achieve this is through bullet points.  By listing out a summary of your benefits, you give the consumer an easy way to learn why they should do business with your company. In this, remember to focus on benefits rather than features. Tell the consumer why their life will be better with you in it.   


  1. I Need Proof

On your landing page should be proof of past/present customers and consumers who are fans of what you do. This is a strong persuasive tactic to help consumers believe in what you are selling them. A great way to do this is through case studies and personal testimonies from other customers who have benefitted from your product/service.


  1. Tell ME What to do

If you do all of the things above and forget this final step, congratulations; you have a beautiful landing page with no sales to show for it. Everything else you have done is in the hopes that you can convert a visitor into a client or consumer. This is your Call-to-Action (CTA), this could be anything from a standalone button to lead generation form. The key here is to make your CTA possessive. If your goal is to get an email contact, write something like, “Fill out this form to receive YOUR free quote via email!”


Creating a landing page that follows these guidelines will help you be well on your way to a higher visitor-to-consumer conversion rate.